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AIRE Ryuo Snowboard School

English Private Lesson



[2 Hours]       16,000 JPY

[Morning time]    9:30am ~ 11:30am

[4 Hours]       22,000 JPY

[Afternoon time]  1:00pm ~ 3:00pm

*Please understand that we are not English native speaker.
*Please let me know if you need to support other things. We will help you. 


Jobs and experience culture in Ski Resort, NAGANO

     ・Detail of the job: Snowboard school assistant, shoveling, cleaning, cooking

     ・Requirements: Japanese not necessary, a pleasant person aged between 20-35 years old.

                              Only one or two person will be accepted.

     ・Wage: 1000 yen/hour, 2-4 hours work per day. It depends on peak season.

     ・Working address: Ryuoo Ski park, Yomase, Yamanouchi-town, Shimotakaigun, Nagano, Japan 381-0405

     ・Period of work: we are looking for someone beginning in the middle of December to the middle of March.

      (Please inquire the period of time you wish to work with us. Long-term is preferred but short-term is also             welcomed)

We are located in the northern part of Nagano, this place is famous for fresh powder snow.

You can also go up to the top of the mountain by a big ropeway (Up to 100 persons fit simultaneously).

The scenery from there is so fantastic.

You can visit snow monkey park by 30 min car drive.

There are some Onsen(hotspring), so you can enjoy the snow and traveling just around the ski field.


Our hostel is cozy and has a homely feel to it.

The longer you stay, the more you will feel like a part of our family.

We are looking for someone who can join us with cross cultural experience. Thank you

Job Borad

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